Anzai Respiratory Gating System

With 1,600+ users and counting, Anzai has the most complete and trusted respiratory gating system on the market.

respiratory_gatingAnzai Respiratory Gating System is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily set-up and manage.

The delay time from the detection of the respiration to the output of the gate signal is less than 50 msec

The detection of the respiration motion is less than 20µm.

Up to 3 sensors (load button/laser sensors) can be used simultaneously.

Compatible with a wide range of external equipment – CT, PET/CT and radiation therapy (incl. proton)


Sensor Setting

Laser Sensor & Fixing Arm mounted to tab feature of mounting plate which provides off couch set-up.



Respiratory Waveform Setting

Located in scanner/treatment room for therapist to efficiently set waveform.


Gate Setting

Choose from an array of Gating methods.


Peak Mode


Point to Point Mode


For various Parameter Setup, illustration is newly added. It helps to easily understand the safety function and characteristics of respiratory waveform of AZ-733VI System, even in the first time operation.

Powerful Tools for Respiratory Gating

Respiratory wave

Breathing peak

Amplitude gating

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH)