Anzai Respiratory Gating System

DIBH GUIAnzai Respiratory Gating System is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily set-up and manage.

Compatible with a wide range of external equipment – CT, PET/CT and radiation therapy including proton. (Can be used as a visual guide for manual beam hold.)

Multiple gating options including Deep Inspiration Breath Hold.

With 1,600+ users and counting, Anzai has the most complete and cost effective respiratory gating system on the market.

Respiratory Motion Sensor Input

The Anzai system includes the gold standard Anzai Sensor Belt.

Optionally available, a Laser Sensor & Fixing Arm which mounts magnetically to a plate positioned anywhere on the couch provides a variety of set-up locations.


Respiratory Waveform Setting

Located in scanner/treatment room for therapist to quickly and easily set waveform.


Gate Setting

Breathing peak, Amplitude gating, Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) and Exception gating are some of the options to select from.


Gate Signal Output

The AZ-733VI outputs to a growing list of imaging and treatment equipment.