Deltabit Medi


The right treatment for the right patient.

Compatible with Mosaic, Aria and Accuray

It is of significant importance that each patient receives the right treatment. Identification based on fingerprints eliminates the risk of incorrect identification. More than a million identifications have been performed with Deltabit Medi, without a single error.

A flexible and compatible solution
Deltabit Medi is compatible with most radiotherapy systems. You can add fingerprint-based identification to either an existing system or a new one. It can be used to ensure that the patient entering the treatment room is the intended radiotherapy recipient and also to sign-in for a treatment appointment.

A pleasant experience for the patient
When undergoing radiotherapy, the patient might be tense. With Deltabit Medi, there is as little as possible to worry about.
Fingerprint-based identification is easy for patients, because they don’t need to remember anything extra or to carry
something that is visible to others, such as a barcode bracelet.

The freedom to focus on what matters
Deltabit Medi is easy to use for the treatment staff too. Utilising Deltabit Medi lets them focus on what is essential:
taking care of the patients. There’s no need to worry about patient identification errors anymore.

The most reliable identification possible
Implementing fingerprint-based patient identification that is reliable throughout a course of radiotherapy treatment is a
challenging task. Deltabit Medi has been developed to identify even the trickiest fingerprints. Thanks to over a decade of
constant improvement, the performance we can offer today is excellent.

right patient, right treatment.

deltabit-manager-bigFingerprint registration

Fingerprint-based identification requires storage of a
high-quality fingerprint alongside other patient data. The
fingerprint is registered during treatment planning.
Basic patient information is stored in the treatment system
linked to Deltabit Medi, such as Aria or Mosaiq, so Deltabit
Medi Manager is used only for managing patients’ fingerprints.
The whole fingerprint registration process is very simple and
takes only 1–3 minutes.

02Check-in at the waiting room

With Deltabit Medi Waiting Room, patients can check in for their treatment session. Checking in is simple with this application: the patient touches the fingerprint reader and check-in is complete. When the patient has checked in, the information is registered in the treatment system’s scheduler application automatically and the personnel can readily see who is waiting in the waiting room.

deltabit-potilastunnistus-terveydenhuoltoVerification of patient identity

The patient is identified before each treatment session,
typically at the entrance to the linear accelerator room.
When a patient’s treatment plan is opened in the treatment delivery system, the Deltabit Medi Identification application automatically enters identification mode. The Linacs beam is interlocked until the patient scans their fingerprint.