The LIAC Difference

Setting a new standard for HE-IOeRT .

Features and Benefits

  1. Maximum mobility, able to move inside standard hospital space (elevators, doors…): mobile unit dimensions 210 x 76 x 180 cm.
  2. Non-isocentric: capable of performing easily and safely docking process; 5 degrees of freedom each other independent.
  3. Small and Light; mobile unit weight 1,260 lbs. The impact on the OR is minimum: plug and play accelerator.
  4. The minimum possible amount of stray radiation for the highest possible workload.
  5. Different energies up to 12 MeV: a PTV with thickness up to 3.2 cm can be irradiated inside the 90% isodose (up to 3.8 cm inside the 80% isodose).
  6. Multiple fields; bio-compatible, sterilizable and transparent applicators, for a better treatment documentation.
  7. Characterized by an easy, fast and safe docking procedure: all of this is hard docking.
  8. Accessorized with radio-protection discs for shielding healthy tissues during breast cancer treatment.
  9. User-friendly interface; dedicated software for dose evaluation according to international protocols, treatment documentation (ICRU 71) and LIAC HWL Monte Carlo simulation. MU are calibrated @ 1 cGy with reference applicator.

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