DeltaBit - Patient Safety


Sign in with your fingerprint DeltaBit Check-In is a next generation sign-in and queueing system developed for radiotherapy. Patients sign in to the daily treatment with their fingerprint, easily and safely. Thanks to the fingerprint, identity can be confirmed in a secure and easy way. And what’s best, there is no need to carry any identification document, such as an ID card. Over 3 000 000 treatments have been administered with it – and each time to precisely the right patient!


  • Interlocks your linear accelerator until correct patients fingerprint is identified
  • Ensures that the correct patient receives the radiation treatment
  • Use fingerprint-based identification to facilitate the self-service signing in to appointments
  • Faultless patient identification guarantees correct treatment in the most critical situations
  • Flexible and compatible with most radiation therapy delivery systems
  • Biometric patient identification
  • Easy implementation

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