XRT-Series EasyFrame Masks - Head, Neck


The XRT-Series EasyFrame incorporates a hinge, providing the advantage of a larger area of thermoplastic, minimizing overstretching and resulting in a stable and secure mask. Available in 2.4mm and 3.2mm thickness.


  • 3 different styles
  • Type 1 head
  • Type 2 head+neck
  • Type 3 head+neck+shoulders
  • Innovative EasyFrame design
  • Hinge design delivers less stretching and more rigidity
  • Made with a premium thermoplastic
  • Low melting point
  • Available options:
  • EasyFrame1 2.4mm Head SKU: XRT-EXT1-2.4
  • EasyFrame1 3.2mm Head SKU: XRT-EXT1-3.2
  • EasyFrame2 2.4mm H+N SKU: XRT-EXT2-2.4
  • EasyFrame2 3.2mm H+N SKU: XRT-EXT2-3.2
  • EasyFrame3 2.4mm HN+S SKU: XRT-EXT3-2.4
  • Easyframe3 3.2mm HN+S SKU: XRT-EXT3-3.2

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