RadSafe® ink is developed in a controlled environment and made similar to semi permanent cosmetic ink vs permanent tattoo ink. The immune system is able to naturally break down the RadSafe® semi-permanent ink overtime (typically 1 year) to erase the stigma of cancer treatment tattoos. The RadSafe® Tattoo Kit comes with a small 23 gauge lancet and is designed to input ink in the epidermis layer of the skin up to a 1.5mm depth depending on patients skin thickness. This also promotes a faster fading of the tattoo since permanent tattoos reside at the next layer of skin, the dermis.

Available as a mono-dose crimp of 0.6ml with a sealed opening, these pigments are sterilized by a validated industrial method (sterilized by gamma radiation at a dose greater than 25 kGy)

Sterilized, single use kits in standard black ink.

Also available in white ink for darker skin patients.

Batch numbers are engraved on each single dose to assist with OSHA compliance.