A company founded at the state of the art


SIT SpA was formed by the merger of Sordina, founded in 1878, with New Radiant Technology, a specialist in radiation emitter devices. Drawing on the experience of an organization that produced the first operating table, the first sterilizer and the first mobile linear accelerator in history, SIT is now world leader in the manufacture of LINACs for IORT (Intra Operative Radiation Therapy) and operates on every continent, with installations, business units, distributors and engineers.

It is the only Italian company, and one of the few worldwide, capable of designing, building and distributing linear electron accelerators (LINACs) for IORT. Its creation sprang from the desire to provide an industrial form to a wealth of knowledge in the field of particle physics, microwaves, electronics and vacuum brazing.

The construction of electronic accelerators requires a combination of high-level expertise in widely varying sectors, ranging from ultra high vacuum technology to microwaves, radio-frequency emissions and high voltages. These skills are made available, even individually, to industry and national and international research.

The device manufacturing and service provision cycles are carefully designed and developed to optimize both production times and the costs of the materials used. The company has designed and built various types of particle accelerators to order for both private customers and the public sector.