Sterilis – Waste Management System


Sterilis  profoundly changes the way medical waste is managed. No longer is it acceptable to package, store and transport the massive quantities of medical waste generated by the United States medical system to a few  processing plants scattered across the country.

Dump in as much as 15 pounds of waste, containers and all, and turn on the machine. It filters out the air, leaving the contaminants behind. Superheated steam released into the main chamber brings its temperature above 280F and creates 38 pounds per square inch of pressure, killing all pathogens within 30 minutes.

The grinder reduces the sterile waste to confetti-size shavings within another half-hour. The Sterilis machine deposits these in a bag that can fit in a regular garbage can and logs disposal records in a cloud account users can check online.

  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • May save you thousands annually
  • Wirelessly networked for automatic logging
  • Includes built-in self diagnostics
  • Only 36”W x 24”D x 47”H footprint
  • The quietest medical waste device of its kind

The Sterilis System provides ease of use, safety, convenience and cost savings features in one remarkable device!

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Ease Of Use


The Sterilis System is the easiest of its kind:

  • One Touch Activation
  • Automated Record Keeping
  • Fully enclosed self-contained system
  • Plug and Play Ready
  • The quietest medical waste device of its kind – less than 60db
  • Processed medical waste can safely be disposed in regular trash
  • Occasional water added
  • Technology based on proven processes, matched with solid state hardware

Safety Advantage

“We have been handling regulated medical waste the same way today as when I got into nursing 37 years ago.  It’s about time someone used technology to protect healthcare professionals.”

 Lilian Longo, R.N., M.A.

The Sterilis System can be placed at the Point of Generation:

  • Treats medical waste where and when it is generated
  • Processed medical waste can simply be disposed in regular trash
  • Reduced “touches” improves safety, reduces liability and accidents
  • Saves in manpower, no special transport of untreated medical waste required
  • Device can be placed in an office environment – about the size of a commercial photocopier.
  • Reduces possibility of cross-contamination
  • Technology based on proven processes, matched with solid state hardware

in officeMoney Savings

Savings will vary for each organization’s needs, however, if you are currently spending an average of more than $700 a month on your current Regulated Medical Waste Services, Sterilis, LLC may provide significant cost savings over your current plan while providing added benefits.

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