what is High Energy Intra Operative electron Radiation Therapy (IOeRT)?

High Energy Intra Operative Electron Radiation Therapy (HE-IOeRT) provides specialized treatment for cancer patients, especially certain women with breast cancer, allowing physicians to deliver a dose of radiation to appropriate patients during their surgery. By delivering this radiation at the same time the cancerous tissue is removed, six to seven weeks of post-operative radiation can be reduced to one day of treatment in some cases.

Some of the benefits of HE-IOeRT

  • Lessened Treatment Time
  • Reduced Radiation Exposure
  • Improved Cosmetic Results
  • Faster Return to a Normal Quality of Life

HE-IOeRT allows radiation and surgical oncologists to visually see the exact area they need to radiate and immediately deliver a therapeutic dose to the affected area, sparing surrounding healthy tissue. In the best of cases, this single dose of radiation will be all a patient needs. For many others, this breakthrough will cut their required course of radiation treatment in half.

HE-IOeRT involves the administration of a single dose of radiation during surgery, to eliminate any cancer tissue the surgeon is unable to remove.
Thanks to mobile linear accelerators, high-energy accelerated electron beams, which deliver a very uniform dose of radiation to the target tissue in extremely short times, can now be used directly in the operating room.
HE-IOeRT, adopted worldwide, is an effective, safe method for the local control of cancers, reducing the risk of regrowth.

Video: High Energy Intra Operative electron Radiation Therapy (HE-IOeRT) Medical Animation