Features & Benefits

  • True portability, weighing only 1260 lbs., the lightest portable Linac in the world
  • Market Leader with over 100 installs Globally, 5 in USA
  • Radiation protection solved with LIAC High Work Load self-shielding technology
  • No expensive shielding design needed in OR
  • New offerings of IGRT with TPS
  • Hard Docking Technology
  • Clear treatment applicators for better treatment documentation
  • Different energies up to 12 MeV
  • PTV with thickness up to 3.2 cm can be irradiated inside the 90% isodose (up to 3.8 cm inside the 80% isodose).

Setting a new standard for HE-IOeRT

HE-IORT, A Patients Perspective

Benefits for patients

  • One single shot of radiation vs. up to 8 weeks of daily treatments for external beam
  • Now more accessible and covered by insurance
  • 20 years of favorable results
  • Targeted therapy at time of surgery
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Improved cosmetic results
  • Better quality of life post treatment


Key Points for Surgical Oncologists:
  • Opportunity to build out a multi-specialty program
  • Continuous care of the patient, being able to be more involved in the patients care and outcomes.
  • Turn key solution with full program development
  • Attractive ROI
  • More precise
  • Fast, less than 1 minute treatment delivery
  • Collaborative

Who is SIT?


Driving Deeper Customer Relations Through Broader More Strategic Solutions

SIT introduces years of innovation with the FDA approved LIACHWL. The main challenges in the past with IORT were access to the treatment machine during surgery and the radiation protection and shielding needed for treatment

SIT solved this by designing and manufacturing the lightest linear accelerator in the world making it portable by remote control. The LIACHWL has less scatter of radiation than any other portable Linac with only 0.2 mSv/Gy @ 3 meters distance in patient plane. This achievement allows more patients to be treated.

The technology built into the LIACHWL is a testament to continue leading the mission of HE-IORT around the world.

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