SDX Respiratory Gating System - Respiratory Gating


SDX® is a spirometry based system for managing thoracic and abdominal tumor motion during imaging and radiation therapy. The SDX® System’s unique ability to pair a patient’s inspiration rate and lung volume measurement with clear visual biofeedback makes it possible to maximize the stability of internal organs and the tumor treatment zone. This allows for an increased dose to the tumor with decreased toxicity to vital organs. SDX® can be used for both voluntary breath hold and free breathing techniques.


  • Reducing tumor motion during imaging and treatment
  • Enhancing tumor imaging and visualization
  • Reducing treatment margins
  • Increasing dose while sparing the organs at risk
  • Repositioning vital organs out of the high dose region

Gating Interface available for : Varian® C-Series, Varian® TrueBeam®, Varian® ProBeam®, IBA Proteus®PLUS, and Siemens®

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