Electron Cone Transportation System - Accessories


The Collimator Transportation System is an Innovative design exclusively offered by Rad Onc Solutions. The system has been designed for lifting and handling of your electron applicators. The transports system will release your staff from heavy lifting and the risk of dropping.


  • 55 lb electron cones reduced to 8 lbs of transfer weight
  • Made of aluminum to reduce weight
  • All surfaces are anodized for easy cleaning
  • Physical measurements: 450 mm width / 600 mm length.
  • Dimension of the wheels: Diameter 100mm twin wheels. 2 supplied with a foot brake.
  • Height from the floor to applicator holder: Adjustable from 1550 mm to 1750 mm.
  • Adjustable tilting plate in order to accommodate most applicators +/- 20 mm (width).
  • A maximum of 10 degrees tilting in order to avoid the applicator to slide if not placed correctly.
  • The transport system is produced in aluminum in order to reduce the weight.
  • SKU: XRT-1700

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